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Hp Presario CQ60 Laptop Battery

Battery Type:  Lithium Ion (Better Performance)
Capacity:  4400/5200/7800mah
Voltage:  10.8 Volts
Warranty:  1 Year
Delivery Time:  48 Hours (UK Only)
Certification:  CE
Customer Reviews:  View 900+ Reviews Here
Delivery Method:  DPD & Hermes Trackable
Insured Shipping:  Yes
UK Company:  Yes
UK Returns:  Yes
Compatibility Guarantee:  Yes
Overload Protection:  Built in
Current Regulation:  Yes
Operating Temperature:  0 to 40 Degrees
UK Phone & Email Support:  Yes

Hp Presario CQ60 Laptop Battery

Our Price:  £38.99
List Price:  £44.99
Saving Of:  13%

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This is a Li-ion laptop battery which operates at 10.8 Volts and comes in three different capacity options; 4400mah is typically the standard capacity as supplied with your laptop, the 5200mah and 7800mah options are also fully compatible but last longer between charges. is a family owned and operated business.

We are proud to ship all our stock from the UK

Many other companies give the impression of being UK based; however, you will later find the item you ordered arrives some weeks later , or never arrives, or arrives with a customs charge which is payable by the customer

Since we ship everything from the UK; we ship fast, deliver fast, and handle returns quickly. Our UK returns address is an important part of our offering as it is becoming increasingly difficult to send batteries overseas due to tight regulations

Our friendly and tech savvy support team is here to assist you with any questions you may have.

Have a question? Drop us an email

This laptop battery is for a HP Presario CQ60

This is a Li-ion laptop battery which operates at 10.8 Volts and has a capacity of 4400mah

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